Infinitely frequent boosters by next July?

Booster immunity waning twice faster than original

We are all interested in the “Israeli experiment”, which literally involves an entire country of Israel force-making everyone to participate in an unproven booster experiment. The audacity and chutzpah of making their own country — all young and old people — do something that received ZERO safety testing — cannot be overstated. At least in the US, Pfizer tested as many as 12 senior citizens in its booster study submitted to FDA, though all were white.

One of my favorite Twitter posters, @RanIsraeli, posted this amazing article. It shows that protection against infection, dropped to about 50% in just three months post-booster.

I would like to remind everyone that “effectiveness” of the Pfizer vax, takes six months to drop 50% after initial vaccination. And after booster, it is only three months.

Those of us who remember high school math, would note that with efficacy decay time dropping by half with every booster, frequency of boosters would have to double with every application.

This means that if the first booster is given in 8 months, the second booster needs to be given in 4 months, the third in 2 months, the fourth in 1 month, the fifth in two weeks, the six in one week, and so on. This mathematical exercise describes a “geometric series” that actually adds up to infinite number of boosters, but a finite amount of time, with booster frequency becoming INFINITE in 16 months since vaccination starts. This is like a “singularity point” where matter (or boosters) gets compressed infinitely and the time stops and the clock stops ticking.

For Israel, such a hypothetical mind exercise would get the “singularity point” of infinitely frequent boosters to be 16 months from starting of vaccination, so about next July. So, by next July, vaccination frequency in Israel would become infinite, the entire Israeli treasury becoming property of Pfizer, at which point the experiment would stop.


This is, of course, ridiculous and is meant to be a light-hearted way to remind everyone that geometric series are not sustainable in real life. Something will happen to stop this exponential insanity.

Perhaps Israeli government would be laughed out of office, or people would stop agreeing to be boosted, or something else would happen to my dear Israelis that I would prefer not to think about. An astute reader “Claus” predicted that this will end due to shortage of syringes.

But the big question is:

Why do boosters decline twice faster than original shots?

The answer is: we definitely do not know. Boosters generate the same exact S-antibodies as the original shot, and in fact more of them than after second shot. But somehow, their effectiveness wanes twice faster, in fact even more so since they start waning from a higher level of Geometric Mean Titers.

The possibilities that I see are

  • Pfizer vaccine incrementally destroys immune system with each shot, so that Israelis are not capable of maintaining antibody levels as well as after the second shot

  • Somehow human organisms actually learn better to REJECT the vaccine and destroy the foreign generated antibodies

  • OR — Please suggest your own mechanism

Good news

The good news here is that proud vaccine advocates can tweet their Band-Aid pictures more and more often. Another good news is that in less than a year, profit of Pfizer will become infinite for a brief moment, right before the universe collapses on itself.

Bad News — Repeat Doses are Toxic

As a pre-Covid article about Moderna points out, mRNA shots are toxic when delivered repeatedly. Our user KRW dug up this 2016 article about mRNA shots that explains why mRNA treatments fail when given repeatedly, and poison their test subjects.

What I would tell my dear relatives

Dear ___, did you see the Israeli data that booster effectiveness declines twice faster than your original shot? Would you want to wait a month or two with your booster?