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Long Covid is a shortcut to new legislation that subsidizes life/health insurance companies, on our dime, to disguise vaxx death/injuries.

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What I see in my life mirrors the data you guys are putting out.

What I see in my life is what all my friends and acquaintances are reporting.

COVID was nothing, everyone knows one or two people who got messed up bad from COVID, but for 99% of us it was a flu or cold.

Everyone knows lots of people who were permanently messed up from the vaccine, or “died suddenly” after taking the vaccine.

There’s probably one or two people complaining about “long COVID” but they could be hypochondriacs.

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I had a bad case of Delta and was hospitalized. Since recovering I’ve had one health problem after another. Just finished a stint in the hospital on Friday for a severe infection in the intestines. And yes I’m unvaccinated and will remain that way.

My sister passed away March 2nd leaving a 14yr old and a 17yr old. My other sister and I are devastated, she was the baby but vaccinated and double boosted. I’m not angry, I’m seething.


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The original Long COVID may just be residual original bioweapon poisoning, like Lyme Disease.

* For the inevitable unresolved sake of discussion: the original bioweapon may be virus like particles, infectious clones, lab created toxins modeled on a virus, mixed in with strains of a real virus to be found in a couple of locations across the world (after being purposely deployed).

But this would not create a pandemic, per Yeadon or Sasha or JJ.

Of course for those who trust the Monster, it will loop the vaccine injuries into the mix as "virus", and since the "vaccines" are just Bioweapon Round Two, they can code switch back and forth as needed.

Always absolving Bioweapon #2, the "vaccine"

In Summer, 2021, Comedian Jimmy Dore was injection injured and used to report that his doctor was seeing the precise same symptoms from injection injury with "long Covid" non-injected.

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Okay I have a lot to say on this so I'm gonna try keep it short.

I think long covid is another family member of a class of illness I have spent the last decade studying. Which includes my own condition - Chronic fatigue syndrome. And a few others like Gulf war syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme disease

There are three major theories that underpin these ailments and viruses (or proteins from viruses) are not necessarily all of them.

1) Mitochondrial DNA damage

2) A new type of autoimmune syndrome related to cytokine release and cellular autophagy.

3) Retroviral and epigenetic changes.

I lean heavily towards the first as the underlying cause of disease but I cannot rule out the others either. Although I suspect it is less likely to be the third.

Spike protein from the alpha variant can damage mitochondrial DNA. Just like the vaccine spike protein appears to too.

Just like ciprofloxacin can if you look at 'floxed' as a side effect.

Just like the bacteria that causes Lyme disease can hide inside cells rubbing shoulders and damaging the mitochondria there too. See a common theme arising?

The trouble is, with genotoxic processes (including those to do with mitochondrial DNA). A cause can have a long incubation period. Or it could present quickly. There is no one sized fits all rule.

Just like we see with asbestos or dioxins or any number of carcinogens, mutagens or teratogenic toxins.

Another thing with these illnesses. An infection might appear to start the syndrome. Eg you get covid and then have long covid. But also the inflammatory process as the body fights the infection could be the straw that broke the camel's back. Another example is why PEM (post exertional malaise) is common with these syndromes.

So you exercise... Causing a small amount of tissue damage, creating new nerve pathways and all that other good stuff, the body in the process of fortifying itself undergoes inflammation, the basis of exercise is to make yourself stronger. That inflammatory process as your body heals creates the excessive fatigue experienced.

Inflammation worsens the symptoms of these conditions.

So to summarize.

There is a lot of maybes.

But it is entirely possible that what seems like an infection is only exacerbating a condition already there lying dormant.

Those who developed it after alpha/delta might have developed the condition from those variants or the spike proteins associated with those variants.

The vaccinated might have it still now without knowing it just yet, as it hasn't incubated for long enough. Until they get a cold later or do something very demanding and poof. Suddenly it's a problem.

Or, I am flat wrong and it is one of those other theories and a complete different mechanism.

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Most longhaulers look normal, and you won't know they're there unless they tell you what they're dealing with. I truly hope the incidence of longcovid is decreasing, since I know from firsthand experience it's simply awful. I've suffered from longhaul covid, which started shortly after getting sick the last week of January 2020--up until mid 2021, after I found what worked for me to get myself free of the worst of it. I have declined offers to take any covid-19 vaccines, since in 2021 I was starting to see some success in reducing my symptoms and relapses from realizing the possibility that the spike protein itself might have been playing a role in my hundreds of symptoms. I'm a member of social media groups of longhaulers, many of whom are still extremely sick, and some of us have pulled out of the symptoms and relapses, thank heavens. Before becoming a longhauler, I was taking and teaching martial arts classes five days a week, working out rigorously, and had hardly ever been sick with much of anything. I'm self employed, so had to cut work hours back while reading medical research papers to help myself recover from the most horrific disabling experience I've ever faced. Most of the hundreds of symptoms appear like rapid aging--like suddenly my going from about 60 years old to in my 90s overnight. I was losing balance, with joints giving out and balance going and hearing and vision going, and all the teeth in my jaws becoming wobbly and loose. The "brain fog" was so bad I wasn't safe to drive a car, since reaction/response time was so slow and unreliable. My heart beat erratically, and I had pains of many varieties shooting and stabbing randomly. At times, I could not walk, and often slept more than half the day. The folks I know who are still longhaulers, also first sick in first quarter 2020 are not hypochondriacs, and have tried different approaches to recover. When we're at our sickest, most of us are not really capable of doing all it takes to pursue answers and cures that truly work, that don't make us sicker.

So keep in mind that some of us longhaulers are so sick we're not up to discovering the best longhaul clinics that might (or might not) be able to help. We stay in touch with other longhaulers, who we tend to trust the most, to find possible new solutions that might actually help that we have the resources including time, energy and money to pursue. We often look normal on the outside, to the point people (including doctors) assume we're fine--and many (if not most) medical tests are not yet capable of identifying just how terribly damaged we've become. We know that the clinics are not consistently helping everyone yet, and we're noticing each case of longcovid can be highly unique and individual.

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My 1.5 cents worth, I think that Long Covid does exist the same as any post viral syndrome.

If Long Covid is worse than that, then the onus is upon the powers that be to provide evidence to support this. I want to see evidence how this syndrome is not only unusual for Covid, but for all viruses, my suspicion is that it is not.

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I have always been sure long Covid is real, since I knew people who had loooooong mononucleosis, but I also presume that it has been greatly exaggerated to fit the Covidian narrative.

I expect that the same things that would help reduce the incidence of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer, heart/liver/kidney diseases, Alzheimers, some mental health conditions, and Covid would also help prevent or mitigate long Covid: low-carb/keto/carnivore real-food diet, moderate exercise, sufficient sleep, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, non-chemical stress reduction...

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I do not know a single unvaxxed person with long covid. I know plenty vax injured.

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How about looking at the stark reality that all these people were denied early testament the spike protein destroys the epithelial layer of the cell and targets lung tissue. Another point who would give any credence to a Canadian doctor where was she until now? It’s always about funding and we are all finally learning how scientific funding works. Do as I say spit out my narrative and I just might give you the grant you are requesting ask Fauci he is the main gate keeper of faux research and remember He is Science!

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I was working in an Allergy/Immunology Rheumatology Clinic when Fibromyalgia was first diagnosed. The medical community wanted very little to do with these patients.

My Rheumatologists would not schedule anyone with the DX since they didn't believe in the condition. Who is to say at this point? If patients are suffering treat their symptoms and keep an open mind.

Our medical system is like our Criminal Justice System. It is up to the patient to prove their "innocence" or condition. It is a horrible place to be.

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I believe this virus was crafted to be especially damaging to humans, and even more so to different humans with underlying conditions. Then, those same crafters then formulated an “operating system” disguised as a vaccine that programs the recipients body to manufacture the absolute worst part of this disease for an u determined amount of time (maybe indefinitely). There isn’t any part of this situation that is dastardly and nefarious. We don’t even know what the long term effects will be. God help us all.

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If I did have Covid, it was in December 2019 and a mild but lingering-longer-than-normal cold. Having a cold last about two weeks certainly wouldn't count as long Covid.

HOWEVER, I suffered from long mRNA vaccine for at least 15 months.

During the first 12 months I spent >> $10K after insurance to deal with the worst side effects.

During the next 3 months I spent a few hundred to address the a less annoying and much less dangerous side effect.

I may have one more side effect, but I have no way of knowing whether it was from a jab or not. Luckily it occurs very rarely and usually requires no prescription meds or interactions with doctors.

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Isn't long covid the cumulative effect of being vaxed (which results in poor immune system as well as spike throughout body and organs) and then catching covid which adds even more spike into an already spiked body, which tips some people over the edge into Guillian Barre or similar long symptoms?

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Question: if SARS-CoV-2 is real and long COVID represents its chronic form, then why arent they highly contagious for the duration?

The argument is these people have had such serious COVID infection that certain critical organs became physically damaged by the alleged virus: heart, lungs, brain, liver, kidneys. This implies, on the virus assumption, that their bodies are or were teeming with billions of "virus". Why dont these COVID "long-haulers" people spread their virulent pox to literally everything with every exhalation?

The fact they do not tells me it is neither contagious nor deadly, and the "long haul" disease's probable cause is toxicological.

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Here’s a personal anecdote: in my job a lot of my coworkers are messed up. One of them has random blackouts where he loses consciousness and then comes back, he’s one a heart monitor right now, another one has heart palpitations, another one is super forgetful to the point that it’s scary. 2 others have constant abdominal pain and screwed up bowels. They’ve all had COVID. Some once, most twice. None of them are making connections with these vague but suddenly onset symptoms, that appear months later, to covid. They attribute it to getting old or just random misfortune. But I’d say that almost everyone I know, including kids, have some weird issue that they didn’t have a year or two ago.

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