I know of several that I'd need to get more details for but one I can confirm definitively-

Date: 8/10/2021

Location: Australia

Relationship: younger brother

Age/gender/health: 30yo; Male; Healthy & active; no medications

Vax status: 2 doses of AZ- 3 weeks apart, 2nd dose 30/08/2021

Covid: Nil

Other: Died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep; Autopsy result: 'Unascertained natural causes'

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Person: Damar Hamlin

Relationship to deceased: Former sportsball fan

Info: Age 24, Male, Professional football player

Jab status: At least 2 jabs, maybe 4 jabs

Covid status: What's Covid?

Does anybody actually think this is Damar Hamlin in the videos below? Tiffany Dover 2.0.



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July 2, 2022

very close friend of a very close friend (both friendships approx 20 years long)

female, 46, slightly overweight, rec. drug user and had been to a Grateful Dead concert one week prior

Vaxxed 4 times, covid 2-3 months prior

Began feeling sick 5 days prior to death, called the ER about 3 days in but was told symptoms were too non-specific to warrant any particular action. Legs went numb on day 5, and husband and son took her to the ER. She was dead within mere hours from organ failure, they said it must be a blood infection but no autopsy was done. Total shock from everyone in her life, she was very active until she caught a "bug" as was presumed.

Also of note, son could not be with her in her last hour of consciousness because only one visitor was allowed. At the time he was 22.

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Hi Igor. Mark Crispin Miller keeps a running list of the DS and likely Adverse reactions with bi-weekly (tri?, anyway quite often) sub-stack posts and has been doing so for quite some time. You may already know, but just in case.


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My friend's 23 yo Godson died of pulmonary embolism in mid-2022. Fully vaxxed for college.

My friend's 36 yo niece felt awful after first shot; died a few day after second in mid-2021. Worked in healthcare...mandatory.

My friend's BIL in early 50s died of heart attack a few weeks after being injected in spring of 2021. He was an evangelist for these injections. This friend has had 6 relatives pass away over the last 18 months.

Several others that are a degree apart.

I know of 2 cases of lower body paralysis lasting 6 weeks.

Stroke, heart attack. A complete disaster. People who pushed this need to pay for what they've done. Nuremberg Code violations demand the ultimate penalty.

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Also, Igor, perhaps you could do a future post about non-sudden but suspected vax related deaths, as well? My father was hospitalized about 6 weeks post-Moderna and died 7 1/2 weeks post vax, but it seems quite clearly vax related. I do think it's useful, though, to separate sudden and "a while later" deaths as the mechanisms are likely different, and causality is less certain with longer time frames.

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Hello Igor. I’m sure you are familiar with Mark Crispin Miller’s Substack where he frequently lists many famous and not so famous people who have either died suddenly or have been adversely affected by the jabs which is sometimes even stated as the cause in the actual news reports from all over the world. These news reports are everywhere and I love your idea of reaching out and compiling more data. These single events which are sad and ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE are mostly insignificant unless we can piece together thousands to show the significance of damage being done on a massive scale every single day that is absolutely unprecedented. Godspeed!


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This is wonderful! I think you will find (imho) a link between the proximity of vax and a case of covid. I guess the spike protein overwhelms the body and then you have to see where it ends up and in what final form. Can lead to blood clots, embolism, stroke or myocarditis.

My neighbor, formerly overweight banker, 42 years old, lost weight at beginning of covid got really fit. Got J and J early in 2021. Then got a Moderna booster in January 2022, got covid in March and was diagnosed with severe myocarditis at the end of March. Has a colleague who had exactly the same thing. Both are suffering flare ups of the myocarditis if they do too much sports or lifting.

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My best friend ever, my grandson died suddenly at age 26. June 26, 2021. He was a beautiful, super strong, vibrant go setter. Energy to die for. What a shameful loss. Zero health issues. Sat in his lawn chair and dropped dead.

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Uncle, 88, died in May 2022...nobody will really question it because of his age.

But he was before his third shot, driving, in perfect health. After the third shot end November 2021, he went to the hospital for lack of breath in January 2022. Stayed for almost 2 weeks. Got out with an oxygen tank. Was always short of breath. In May, he collapsed in the hallway.

Montréal, Canada

A friend’s mother 92. Was full of life 2 years ago. Was still cooking in her apartment. After 3-4? shots. Needed help to get dressed, washed, fed.

Heart scarring, kidneys failing, and difficulty to breathe. Passed away 2 weeks ago.

Again, old, nobody question the fast speed of her decline.

Windsor, Ontario, Canada. January 11, 2023

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My died suddenly friend at age of 27.

Mateo hit his head on a rock during a moving job, I was later told

Last I saw him and shook his hand, prior to his demise, he was sweating, and freaked out after shaking my hand, needing to wash it immediately....

He was never alone during his work, moving, but the guy who told me said they'd found him 45 minutes later , dead.

Something smelled badly about the story but I could not say any more than what I was told.

Broke my heart to hear of his passing.

Don't know if , how many injextions, etc.

This was long before the died suddenly had become a thing, and I only thought he may have been vaxxxidented long after wards.

R I p Mateo, my good friend

Sorry for the Harmacide

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Good idea. Better than doing nothing at all.

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I think Steve kirsch is working on something similar

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I know of several (16)? But I don’t have enough detail to be credible. 😖

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Relationship: My best friend

date: 2/2/22

age: 52

Male, cancer remission of 3 years at time of vaccination

Covid status - nil

2 x AstraZeneca, 3 weeks apart (as vulnerable group). 2nd dose September 2022 (don’t know precise date).

Accelerated deterioration commenced November 2022 and he went home to his mother for care in December - a landmark decision given their relationship. Over Xmas and NY he lost significant weight and his cancer was re-announced when a large 10 cm dark matter likely a Timor or intestinal/ pancreatic capillary leakage and blockage (vaccine injury?). I spoke last to him on the Australian day long weekend 26/27/28/29 Jan 2022. He died in his sleep 3 days later. I did everything I could after the first jab to get him to hold doctors accountable for vax injury- they told him to go away and come back when he wanted to be vaxxed. In the meantime, terrified by prospect of dying of Covid he not only got vaxxed but fell entirely into the hands of pharma-oncologists-Covid doctors. Being his appointed health power of attorney over the past 5 years meant I was able to stay up to date with his cancer blog including his medical and pain journey from diagnosis, prognosis and long term remission followed by a rapid onset and acceleration of a “tumour”. In his wishes he was cremated quickly and without ceremony so an autopsy could not be performed on actual cause of death.

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You should also ask for links to online obituaries. Those reports would carry the name and other details of the deceased and generally would be more credible. Every suspected "died suddenly" case I know of has an obituary somewhere, or a GoFundMe, etc. They rarely mention the vaccine but it will contain plenty of info to ensure you gather no duplicates and the deaths are real.

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