Terrified Vaccinated People

Borax baths portend mass fear psychosis?

This “fact check” came up in my Twitter feed and naturally aroused my curiosity.

It turns out that there is a new phenomenon, where people who are scared of the mysterious mRNA vaccine that is in their bodies, and of what it does to them and their loved ones, are searching for any method to get “un-vaccinated”, resorting to outright quackery in desperation.

They are taking “borax baths”, which, of course, are not helping. What is happening?

The Pfizer controlled media frames them as holdout “anti-vaxxers”, who were forced to take a shot due to threat of starvation of their families (so called “vaccine mandate”), trying to undo the effect right after getting vaccinated. I have doubts that this narrative is true: I know very many long-ago vaccinated people who are deeply regretting their vaccinations due to health problems that happened to them, though none is taking borax baths, fortunately.

There is shocking nastiness surrounding this “borax” phenomenon: members of the Covid Cult make fun of these people saying that “mandates work” and “you will be protected by the vax even if you take Borax baths”. There is a palpable sense of joy and laughter among the “sophisticated” Covid cultists, at how the ignorant and dumb anti-vaxxers were finally forced to vaccinate by threat of starvation, and now wriggle in fear, and how it is so funny and entertaining to watch terrified anti-vaxxers take useless Borax baths. Reading these tweets is gut wrenching.

They are mostly laughing and high-fiving each other, because they were convinced by the Pfizer paid media that it is only a few of their enemies, the dumb “anti-science” anti-vaxxers, who are suffering and taking useless and uncomfortable Borax baths. And for persons of certain personality, it is so fun to watch vanquished, terrified and humiliated enemies desperately trying to undo the damage. I understand. I really do. I have seen it before. It is disgusting.

Their joy and laughter may not last very long.

Very likely, it is NOT true that the “un-vaccinating” phenomenon involves only recently jabbed anti-vaxxers. It probably involves many more people, and the fear and desperation are only getting started, as I will explain later.

We may actually be approaching a new mass psychosis, the uncontrollable “stampede of the vaccinated”. This article will explore this in some detail.

First of all, the vaccinated are uniquely susceptible to fear induced psychoses:

  • The Covid psychosis, created by the corporate media, affected them to the point of taking a completely unproven and experimental treatment that no sane person would even consider, if exposed to reasonable discussion and opposing points of view or given a few minutes to think about rationally.

  • Two years of constant fear mongering and mask wearing has conditioned the “fear pathways” in their brain to be the primary contributors to decision making.

  • The vaccinated are self selected group that were most affected by the Covid psychosis. The unvaccinated passed the Asch Experiment, and are much less susceptible and will be watching it from the sidelines with horror and compassion.

  • The trust in legacy media is at record low, for good and obvious reasons that we will not discuss, inviting mistrust, paranoia and rumors. Thus, the legacy media will not be able to quash this.

Who is taking Borax baths?

Well, we know that mRNA vaccines have wide ranging effects:

  • They are very harmful and hurt numerous people. I have already written that hundreds of thousands of VAERS reports are overwhelmingly truthful. They are also massively underreported, as Steve Kirsch said many times. Steve Kirsch likes to say that they are 41 times underreported, but in reality who knows.

  • There is approximately 10% of population, who are only once-vaccinated. Most likely, for most of them this is due to experiencing a serious and unreported adverse reaction. There are millions of people like that, who are uniquely exposed to the danger of Covid, and suffering from the same ill effects of vaccination as the double jabbed, who at least enjoyed some protection for a short time.

  • Vaccines are obviously failing around the world, with the best example being the UK, as I wrote in my UK series about UKHSA data. People see this as they or their loved ones fall ill with Covid, and begin to doubt.

  • Vaccinated people are experiencing a wide range of illnesses, filling hospitals and emergency rooms worldwide, with some health systems collapsing.

  • Almost everyone knows someone whose friend or relative died from vaccine. My friend’s nephew and my spouse’s friends ex-husband is my own example.

  • Huge numbers of “vaccinated” experienced “breakthrough Covid”, which they were promised not to get, and that is a bad experience to them, especially considering how fearful they were made of Covid before.

All of this bad stuff, even it is suppressed by Internet social networks, is widely circulating in the most primal social network: people meeting people in person, at work, or talking on the phone. This network is out of control of governments and Internet oligarchs everywhere in the world except North Korea, and is no less influential that Twitter or Facebook. This primal in-person social network has its own influencers, like that Covid skeptic Bill from accounts payable, who knows everything and was right on every turn, its own friend groups, in-person retweets, and so on.

So once enough bad stuff is known to enough people, it begins circulating. No amount of fact checkers can convince someone that “No, your uncle’s blood clot was unrelated to the vaccine he took a day before”.

In the absence of trust in media, this begins to go around, becomes self reinforcing, and would naturally create fear in a good number of people. This especially applies to persons who had or witnessed serious vaccine harm or are experiencing “colds from hell” or feel that their health is declining otherwise.

In this situation, which already started happening, the most obvious thought is “I want to get un-vaccinated”. This is what drives the Borax baths, which will not work. But the Borax baths and the false “debunkings” of them, which are correct in that the baths do not work but are wrong on who is taking them, are the evidence that “un-vaccinating” has already started.

Mass Psychosis

Understandably, right now, the Borax Bath phenomenon involves relatively few people. The NBC news article that started my discussion, mention “hundreds of thousands of views” of a certain Borax video.

Hundreds of thousands of views of just one Borax bath video is a good number, but we may end up with hundreds of millions wanting to “un-vaccinate”.

As the vaccine side effects continue to spread, and as truth, rumors and paranoia will fill the Internet and the primal social network, this will likely snowball into a significant percentage of the vaccinated overcome with fear.

If history is any guide, people will ascribe all their bad health outcomes to the vaccine that affected them, not only ones actually caused by the vaccine. Denials that vaccines cause ill effects, coupled with the fact that mRNA vaccines do cause wide ranging ill effects due to varying biodistribution of spike protein, makes it impossible for an average person to even tell, but they will blame the vaccine. Is Bob’s new diabetes diagnosis caused by Bob overeating junk food, or the vaccine? Actually who knows. Maybe both. It is easier for Bob to blame it on the vaccine and maybe it was actually caused by it. Steve Kirsch’s diabetes got a lot worse after vaxxing, for example, and I am sure the vax was to blame.

Honest population statistics could give us answers, but with the authorities denying and stonewalling, it will be impossible. So, many people will, with reasons, blame vaccines for everything bad that happens to them.

If mRNA vaccines actually do cause aggressive cancers in young people, as there are reasons to believe, then the fear will multiply multi-fold, as cancer is universally terrifying.

This could conceivably bring 50-60% of the population into a fear frenzy, that authorities did not create and therefore will not be able to control. It is uncertain who will control this fear, if anyone, but this is very socially dangerous and could potentially affect Western societies in very profound ways.

Fear could grow into anger, and anger could be harnessed by enterprising revolutionaries.

Future of Mass Fear

I have no idea — and did not think enough — what will happen when the psychosis of fear and anger will get underway. Will it be violent? Will Pfizer come out with more expensive drugs to “un-vaccinate” victims of Pfizer? Will it seriously disrupt our societies? Will the authorities suspend civil liberties? Will they, say, turn off the Internet or even electricity to create another artificial crisis to distract us? Will George Soros or Bill Gates flee our country, and if so, where would they go to hide? Will crowds visit homes of local vaccinating officials or “vaccine advocates”, demanding answers? How will this end?

I would like to invite thinking about it, so please post a message in this forum as to whether this post makes sense and, if you think so, where could the mass psychosis take us.

It could happen faster that we expect, if the contagion of fear works as it often does. At first, only a few people talk about it, and then it is the only thing that people talk about.

Oh, and I predicted it before it happened: